Day 6 Affirmation:
The law of tithing is true. God IS my source!

Additional Thoughts by Angela Alcantar:
When we are accustomed to a certain way of living, a certain lifestyle, it can be unnerving to experience change. Even when we really really want something, it may take time for us to understand how to live a new way.  It may take time to make the necessary adjustments to fully receive our full prosperity. One way to prepare for our new level of prosperity is to use affirmations. Affirmations can be used to shift consciousness and to help us maintain a new level of consciousness by helping us remember the Truth. Edwene suggests having an affirmation ready.  Each time you start to feel nervous about your new experiences of abundance, you can say your affirmation to remind you of what you deserve. You might use an affirmation like the one with today’s post, or write your own, but have one ready.

She also reminds us that it is important to accept every gift we are given, “because you bless the giver when you receive them.” She further states you don’t have to keep them but you do have to accept them with a grateful heart.

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