Day 5Affirmation by Angela Alcantar:
I release all financial fears knowing that God is my Source. I open my heart and my mind to prosperity!

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Additional Thoughts by Angela Alcantar:
Do you really believe God is your Source? Does your tithing practice reflect that? Edwene challenges us to “Prove” God in our lives–release all fears and put God first in our finances. Once we do, we will realize how enjoyable it is to tithe.

The same day I read this chapter, I received unexpected income and I already circulated that tithe to someone who provides me with spiritual food. I can’t wait until to do it again! In addition to tithing to my Center, I have made a list of people who provide me with spiritual food so that I am ready for the next opportunity.

Is giving to charity the same as tithing?
I don’t know about you…but I thought it was the same thing, or that it could count the same as tithing. Edwene Gaines says, “Giving to charity is a very kind and generous thing to do, but it is not a tithe.” She further says that giving to charity or helping someone in need is a great thing to do but it is over and above tithing.

“Tithing” to charity is giving to a need. Tithing to God is acknowledging God as your Source and acknowledging abundance and prosperity.

She defines tithing as acknowledging God as your source. It is giving one-tenth of all income you receive to the people or places that give you your soul food. You know you are receiving soul food because it nurtures your soul and brings you joy–the kind of joy that comes from knowing and living your divine purpose. The kind of joy that comes when you KNOW God is your Source!