Day 12Affirmation by Angela Alcantar:
Each time I face my fears, I realize how powerful I am. I choose Love.

Additional Thoughts by Angela Alcantar:
I know at times it can be “easier said than done.” However, if you want things in life to change, you have to face your fears and change the way you do things. Ernest Holmes says, “Change your thinking, change your life.” And Einstein is quoted as saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. A practitioner is the perfect person to have pray for you when you are feeling stuck or if you are experiencing fear.

Facing our fears takes practice… I have found that when I am able to bring love to my fear, my fear dissipates and I am able to see where love was lacking in a situation. For me, many of my fears generate from lack of self-love or lack of self-worth. When I remember I am love; when I remember to love myself; my fears melt away.

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone Challenge (p.115):
Step 1: List 5 things you are extremely afraid of.
Step 2: List 5 things you have dreamed about doing but have never had the nerve to do. You might refer to the list you created earlier in the week for ideas.
Step 3: List 5 things that are small and only a little scary.
Step 4: Choose one of the ideas in step 3 and write what the first step would be for you to do this thing.
Step 5: Take the first step.