Fear FB-Day 11 “When you move outside your comfort zone, it is highly likely that you’re going to feel fear.” Edwene Gaines

God has not given us the power of fear but of love and of a sound mind.

Additional Thoughts by Angela Alcantar:
In chapter 5, Edwene tells us to face our fears head on! She shares her own example of facing fear head-on by repelling down a canyon wall (If you haven’t read it, it’s a must! pg. 107-111). She encourages us to do the same, “…we do have to learn the skill of moving through fear. We need to learn how to act in the midst of it.”

Over the last few years, I have been inspired to face my own fears head-on. What I have experienced so far is that by facing my fears, I have a greater and greater sense of freedom. I have also learned how to “listen” to my fears. Many times there is a lesson behind the fear that I can learn if I am willing and ready. Many times it is a lesson that leads me to a greater understanding of what it means to be and to receive God’s love.

Tomorrow I will share with you an exercise from the book which includes steps on how to face our fears.

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