Day 18Affirmation by Angela Alcantar:
As I practice forgiveness, I am set free.

Additional Thoughts by Angela Alcantar:
There are many ways to think about forgiveness. Edwene shares five techniques for you to try. What I appreciate most about what she says is that because it is a personal process, one needs to see which technique works best for one’s self. Here is a summary of the five techniques, found on pages 140-147:

  1. Write, Speak, and Listen to forgiveness affirmations. Louise Hay is another great resource for affirmations. In a book she co-authored, You Can Heal Your Heart, she provides many examples of affirmations for various types of loss.
  2. Forgive each Night those whom you have put “outside your heart”. Take time each evening before going to sleep to think about those with whom you have had conflict and consider forgiveness for each of those situations.
  3. Complete Forgiveness Inventory: at least once a year, reflect on your life–as far back as you can remember. Forgive those whom you are ready and needing to forgive.
  4. Tell Someone about the things you need to forgive yourself for. Choose someone who will listen with care and love–no judgement. Just talking about it can be healing.
  5. Pray. If you are working through forgiveness, meeting with a Practitioner to receive prayer, or doing prayer yourself, is powerful.

In addition to these techniques, Colin Tipping has a book on Radical Forgiveness and Radical Self-Forgiveness. Another resource is Tara Brach’s book, Radical Acceptance.