Day 17Affirmation by Angela Alcantar:
As I forgive myself and others, it is reflected in my prosperity experiences.

Additional Thoughts by Angela Alcantar:
Until reading this book, I never realized that there is a connection between debt and forgiveness. What a timely read this book has been!

During my divorce, I acquired all of the debt as part of the settlement. I have been working for years to pay it off and just this year, I had reached the point where I was DONE with it! I was ready to be out from that burden. One step that has helped me get out of debt was to believe that I could. I changed my idea from paying it off, monthly payment by monthly payment, to deciding it was going to be paid off once and for all. If small miracles can happen instantaneously, so can BIG miracles. Surprisingly–but not really–my tax return was almost the exact amount I needed to pay off my debt; I even had a couple of hundred dollars extra. It was the largest tax return I had ever received.

Now the part related to forgiveness…I want to stay out of debt. Once I paid it off, a bunch of things happened at once that necessitated using credit again. Needless to say, I still had forgiveness work to do around my ex-husband. I had already made a “semi-conscious” agreement to work on forgiving him this year and ta-dah, the opportunity presents itself.  As I read about the connection between debt and forgiveness, a light bulb went on; forgiveness brings with it many gifts.

My final insight…in doing my forgiveness work, I realized that my ex-husband was simply a reflection of my own thought. The lack of love and the “meanness” was simply a reflection of how mean I was being to myself; how I did not love myself at the time. What I realized is that I also needed to forgive myself for not loving and accepting myself.

In just three weeks time, I have already seen the benefits of tithing and forgiveness. With excitement and joy, I look forward to more fully knowing the magnificence of the Divine!