Day 19Affirmation by Julie Gray:
The world is a GIGANTIC playground, and I play on ALL the equipment!

Affirmative Prayer by Julie Gray:
God is an all encompassing universal Source. I AM a spiritual being encompassed by that Source. I commit to my highest good, verbalize it, and remain open to the signals that the Universe sends back to me. My eyes, ears, heart, and soul are actively aware of the signs leading me to the playground of my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this ability and skill. I release this knowing into the Universe with complete confidence it is done perfectly and lovingly. And so it is!

Try it: Exercise from the book:

Commit to encountering God in every thing, each moment, all week. Re-member God’s highest Law is LOVE. Note the changes in your level of prosperity as you let the limitless resource of love in. ~Namaste

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