Family Photos from LifeTouch

Tuesday/Wednesday April 2 & 3
1 PM – 8:30 PM

Lifetouch will be here to photograph you and your family, including pets. Sign up for a free photography session and receive a 8×10 photo. Individual member photos will be used for the member directory.

Deep Vision Retreat

Friday April 12th,
7 PM – 10 PM
Saturday, April 13th
1:30 PM – 4 PM

$50 for both days

Do you have a vision you keep ignoring?
Are you ready to go deeper?

In this weekend retreat, we will tap the visions lying under the surface of consciousness for our personal and community growth.
It will be a special time for you to pause and reconnect with your own dreams and longings that may have been long buried, as we develop a long-term vision for the Center.

Our guide for this weekend retreat is Kim Hermanson, PhD., author of Getting Messy and founder of Doorway sessions for Creative Breakthroughs. She is known for her skill in quickly shifting people out of spiritual and psychological difficulties into the profound beauty, healing and creative inspiration of Source Energy.