Rev. Linda Finley VP, Ministerial

Rev Linda Finley – VP, Ministerial

The Guest House: Learning to Embrace Our Shadow

Many of us think of the shadow as something we need to correct, or at least control… and what if it is actually something we need to learn from and embrace? This class will explore this idea and help us to integrate the lessons of our deep reflection, the shadow.

Introduction/Orientation Date: Jan. 9 6:30 Debbie Ford’s video, “The Shadow Effect” will be shown and the class will be discussed.

6 week class starting Wednesday, Jan. 16th, 6:30 PM in the Social Hall

Suggested Tuition: $15/wk

Ron Trunnell, RScP - Board Secretary

Ron Trunnell, RScP

Principles of Successful Living

8 week class with Ron Trunnell, RScP

This course is designed to give the student a greater understanding of their place in the Spiritual System and the part that consciousness plays in demonstrating greater good.

On a very practical basis, this course offers the opportunity to set an intention for concrete demonstration of good and to study the tools for achieving this demonstration.

Emphasis is given to the use of the Law of Mental Equivalents, Spiritual Mind Treatment and the qualities of living a spiritual life.

Text: The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

Suggested Tuition: $25/wk CSL Registration Fee: $22.50/student

An Accredited Science of Mind class that qualifies as an Elective for higher studies in Practitioner and Ministry. Sign up at the Information Table or register below.