Science of Mind Continuing Education

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Please see our Calendar for upcoming class dates and times. Continuing education in the Science of Mind and Spirit helps the student gain a deeper understanding of the guiding principles that lead to more fulfilling, positives lives. The main text is The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes – available in our bookstore or at

New Foundations

Students are introduced to the Core Concepts of the Science of Mind and taught how to apply these Universal Principles to his/her own life. Meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatment are taught as daily practices. The class is experiential, with many guided meditations and exercises to assist students in embracing and incorporating Science of Mind Principles.

Text: The Science of Mind Text Book; Living The Science of Mind – Ernest Holmes

Spiritual Practices for Daily Living:

Students learn how to develop lifetime habits of meditation and Affirmative Prayer.

Text: Journey of Awakening – Ram Dass; Can We Talk to God? – Ernest Holmes

Beyond Limits

Explores the intuitive perceptions of Ernest Holmes and his scientific approach to the spiritual laws of the universe. It also includes PowerPoint presentations.

Text: How to Change Your Life – Ernest Holmes
Creative Ideas: A Spiritual Compass for Personal Expression – Ernest Holmes

Power of Your Word

Power of Your Word is an introduction to prayer. Students learn the nature of prayer and how to pray more effectively.

Text: Words that Heal Today – Ernest Holmes
The Science of Mind Text Book (1938) – Ernest Holmes
How to Use the Science of Mind – Ernest Holmes
Can We Talk to God? – Ernest Holmes

Also Offered

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The Power of Decision This Thing Called You
Spiritual Laws
Spiritual Economics
What the Mystics Taught
Edinburgh Lectures
Emerson’s Essays
Bible History & Scholarship
Metaphorical Approach to the Bible
Metaphysical Bible Myth and Spirit
Creative Process In the Individual – Thomas Troward
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
Spiritual Fitness
It’s All God
The Magic of the Soul
Financial Freedom Principles of Successful Living
Self Mastery: The Emergence of the True Self
Meditation Class
Exploring Roots
Essential Ernest Holmes
Shortcut To A Miracle, How to Change Your Consciousness and Transform Your Life
Essential Emma Curtis Hopkins