There is a loving, creative energy in this universe. This is the energy of stars and galaxies, our beautiful home planet Earth, and everything upon and around it.  This energy lives in me, is me, and I am always a part of this powerful energy.

I choose to acknowledge my Oneness with this power and I use this power for good in my life, and for the world.

I allow myself to be open to as I resonate with this Oneness. My life is divinely guided in every moment, and I choose to be present for opportunities and guidance that come my way in Divine and perfect timing. I allow my authentic self to come forth, to be guided, and to participate fully in the adventure of my life.

I am so grateful for this power and for the opportunity to be in the world during these amazing and provocative times.  I give thanks for life, for love, and for all that comes forth for me.

I release this prayer into the incredible energy of Oneness, knowing that the universe always says “yes.”

And So It Is.

by Trish Butcher, RScP
September 30th, 2015