When I slow down and breathe, I realize the One Source that created everything out of Itself is present in me– in everyone and everything around me. There is only this, and nothing else. So wherever I am and with whomever I am, The One is there, waiting to be seen and felt. This day, I allow my eyes to have new vision, my ears to have new hearing. My consciousness is awake to the Divine Presence that is in and through my life. When I live from this awareness, I discover everything moves more easily and effortlessly. Spirit in and around me keeps life flowing with grace and ease, and my good is apparent in each moment. With gratitude for the awareness that provides this grace, I release anything that would block its energy and any attachment to a specific outcome, allowing my word to act upon the Law and make this experience my Reality. Knowing it is so, I let it be, and so it is.