God is the Creator of all, and present to all. Because of this, every moment of my life is precious and beautiful. I deeply appreciate the Love and Support of God, which in me, as me is me.

The Divine makes this moment holy, and I recognize that it is the only time truly available to me. I am willing to accept the grace, the blessing, and the gift of it. I also accept my growing ability to see each and every person I encounter today as special and unique. I look into the eyes of each one and see only the God-Presence. As I know the Truth of wholeness about others, I experience a deeper level of wholeness within myself.

I know I am one with all and for this, I am grateful. I rejoice in the prospect of infinite possibilities that transform my world as I experience more and more oneness. I release my word into the Law and it returns to me as my experience.

And so it is.

by Ona Chambers, RScP
October 28th 2015