Infinite Intelligence is forever creating new and greater life opportunities for me. My mind is part of this Intelligence and a perfect channel for the unlimited flow of goodness coming my way.

I am tuned in and turned on to this amazing energizing force in every moment of today. I know that nothing stands in the way, and no appearances can prevent me from receiving my good. My open heart and mind are filled with creative energy as I focus on Oneness.

My dreams unfold with ease, bringing my reality into alignment with my highest good. Infinite Intelligence is always there to support me and I accept my place as a beloved child of my Creator.

I open my arms wide to receive my limitless good! I give thanks for this limitless life and all its blessings. It is with joy that I continue to express more and more of this Infinite Mind, in love and with grace.

And so it is.

by Jennifer Tucker, RScP
May 6th, 2015