As I look around at the many signs of nature; flowers, trees, water, sunlight, clouds, and the many different people, I recognize that there is only one creator, God. I know that God exist because I exist. I am here now, my body is here, my mind is here, my emotions are here and where ever I am, Spirit is present for I am Spirit in human form.

I have received the greatest gift ever given, the gift of life. Knowing that my gifts are unique, amazing, and original, I know the same is true for every person. Each of us is created filled with qualities of beauty, peace, harmony, light, joy, and love and as I give these away to others, they return back to me. I am so blessed.

I stand right here and now, and open my heart and mind and hands to allow a greater acceptance of these qualities which lie within me. I see beyond the first impression, the first action, to the spiritual center of love and join in that space to be a center for peace, and extend a helping hand.

Filled with appreciation and gratitude for these gifts, I let go and allow the Universe and Spirit to conduct the workings of creation and delivering in Gods perfect time. It is all in Divine right order right here and now…it is done.

And ….SO IT IS…

by Rev Trish Mackey
May 20th, 2015