Right here and right now, there is only One. One Spirit, One Divine Intelligence, One Source. This Source of all makes up all that I am, and all that I experience. This Source is perfect, and this perfection makes up all that I am.

I experience perfect wellness and well being, because that is all that I am made up of. My body operates under Divine Right Action and balance, and my experience of the physical is one of ease, flexibility, strength, and balance. I enjoy good health and good feelings in my body. I breathe in the radiance of spirit and I breathe out my essence back in to the one. All of my body parts operate harmoniously with one another, and I enjoy the full range of motion and experiences that my body has been designed for.

I am grateful for this natural state of good health and well being. It is a joy to me that my body knows what to do, and that balance is my natural state.

I allow all manifestations of the Divine to provide me with excellent health, a flexible body that feels good, and a glorious experience in this human life.

I release these words to the Law of Mind, knowing that they are already done, and that the universe only says yes to my heart’s desires.

And So It is.

by Trish Butcher, RScP
May 13th, 2015