There is a Power for Good in he Universe greater than I am and I can use it, and I do with every word I speak, every thought I think, and ever action I take.

I am a creation formed from that Divine Intelligence and flowing within me are all the qualities of GOD: Love, Light, Life, Peace, Joy, Harmony and Beauty, and when I begin from this place, I am truly serving as Spirit in action.

My life experiences serve as the reflection of the path I follow. Knowing that with a little clarity, a simple adjustment and willingness to choose again I receive a new path to travel on.

Setting my sights on a different outcome, I give thanks, in appreciation of this wonderful gift of life. I smile in deep love for the Power that gave life to me. I honor this gift and treat it as the wondrous miracle it is.

I let go and follow my inner guidance, the fail-safe, guaranteed right and perfect outcome.

It is all good for it is all GOD…and so it is.

by Rev Trish Mackey
March 11th, 2015