Spirit is all there is, and I know with Spirit all things are possible. I am surrounded by, immersed in, and am a living expression of It. So I align myself with the goodness and perfection of the Divine, and know that I am an expression of the Infinite Intelligence and love.

I accept every circumstance and experience with deep appreciation, even the apparently negative ones, knowing they too, hold a gift for me. I do not wish, or ask for more, knowing that implies a sense of lack. Instead, I visualize my dreams as fulfilled and complete. I am constantly being positive, giving my praise and approval of all things, knowing gratitude brings forth more good in my life. I keep improving my own consciousness, and let the world take care of itself.

I am deeply grateful and appreciative for all the goodness in my life. I release my word into the Law and allow it to be so.
And so it is.

by Ona Chambers, RScP
June 3rd, 2015