Affirmative Prayer June 26 – July 9, 2019

By: Angela Alcantar, RScP

The One Power, the One Presence in this Universe is Good and only Good.  I know it as Love and only Love. I recognize it as Joy and only Joy.  It is everywhere present at all times, in all things, as all things, through all things.       

This same essence is the life energy I am.  Therefore, I am powerful.  I am present.  I am Love.  I am Joy.  As I know this Truth for and about myself, I know this Truth for all, as there is only One.        

Because I am the very essence of God expressing as me and through me, there is only Good waiting and wanting to express in my life. There is abundant Love and Joy overflowing. Grounded in this Truth, and leading with Faith, I release any ideas to the contrary and fully allow and accept this Good right here, right now!        

I am eternally grateful to live in a Universe that conspires for my Good.  I am grateful for the Law that always says Yes.        

I release my word into the Law knowing it is done!  I let go and accept my Good. 

And so it is!