As summer unveils its splendor of new life and abundance, I realize that there is a power of Love, Light and Life that is present in every living thing; the power of God. I am one with God. I embrace this truth and let it become a part of who I am, for I am an expression of the Divine.

I know that this life I am living is sacred, and that each day Spirit offers me gifts of Love, Light, Life, Abundance, Joy. I open my heart and accept these gifts, knowing that as I am blessed I also bless those around me…Love is Eternal and expands beyond me to everyone around me.

I am so grateful for this wonderful journey of life and the blessings bestowed upon me as I walk this path. I release these words, knowing that everything is unfolding in my life perfectly

…and so it is.

by Maggie Covarrubias, RScP
June 10th, 2015