I open to the divine guidance within and create a space for Spirit to guide.

In this moment of discovery of the guidance I receive, I sit in the wonder of all that is, the creator of all, the one source, the Divine Intelligence.

I breathe easily, gently and consciously. I open to the feeling of the coolness of the air as it fills me with life and peace.

As I sit relaxed and peaceful, I am clear that a power and present exit within me. It is the One Source, .

I recognize that I was created from it and so I know that I am a creator of the life experiences that I have.

In this moment I open up to the whispering of my soul and simply follow the path it shows me. As I follow the guidance, the Universe comes together to provide all that is necessary to see things to their perfect completion.

My love expands, my joys overflow, and harmony fills every area of my life.

I am so blessed and filled with gratitude for the gifts that are mine to share and I do so with great joy and love.

I accept the perfect outcome as whole, perfect and complete and in Gods time. It is done……. And so it is.

by Rev Trish Mackey
July 29th, 2015