There is One Mind, One Power, One Life expressing through all the wisdom, creativity, and love existing in the Universe. I, too am an expression of this Divine Source. I am a child of God, made in the image and likeness of my Creator. Born with the purpose to express that Life in my every thought, word, and deed. I am wisdom, creativity, and I am love.

So I align with these qualities within me, and reach out with my consciousness towards the Divine Presence. Leaving behind everything else, I reach deeper and deeper into that sacred space within. I open myself, become soft, pliant, and receptive, and own all that is sacred and divine within me. I cultivate this precious communion, knowing it is the Source that empowers me to grow, transcend my present situation, and serve others. I aim to expand this consciousness in my life, increasing my daily spiritual practice, so that I can demonstrate the Divine’s wisdom, power, and love in my life each day.

For this knowing, this consciousness I give great thanks. I am so grateful to know where I am going. I celebrate the awareness of Spirit’s central place in my life. I release my word with love and gratitude, knowing my thoughts are already in the Mind of God.

And so it is.

Affirmative Prayer
by Ona Chambers, RScP