by Angela Alcantar, RScP

The one power, the one presence, that creates everything out of Itself cannot be divided or against Itself; therefore, it is Good and only good.  I know this presence as Love, as Peace, as Hope.  I know It as Creativity, Prosperity, and Joy.
Since there is only One, everything that it is, I AM.  I am Peace, Love, Creativity and Joy.  As I know this truth for and about myself, I know this truth for all of humanity.  For all sentient beings.Knowing that our humanity returns to the Divine truth within, I accept and express my own Divinity, I allow my light to shine and I hold space for all people to do the same.  This light grows and shines in all corners of the Earth restoring the beauty that is inherent in its very nature.  I claim compassion and cooperation for humankind.In gratitude for knowing the Law responds to my word, to my belief, to my declarationI release my word into the Law knowing it is so.  And so it is!