There is a power in the universe that animates all that is. This is the power behind creation, the genius behind the sprouting of a seed, the beauty of galaxies and worlds, and the love that makes all things possible. This power lives in everything and lives in each of us all the time, in every moment.

I know that I have access to this power and I choose to allow it to inspire me to be my most authentic self. I am full of wonder as I live my life in awareness and unity with this power. I am renewed and revitalized, and my life flows with ease and miracles in every moment.

I give thanks for the simplicity of this teaching, for the simple act of noticing who I Am, and the loving and nurturing response of world around me.

This is the truth of life, and I let it be now.

And so it is.

by Trish Butcher, RScP
February 25th, 2015