Affirmative Prayer Feb 26 – March 3

by Angela Alcantar, RScP

The One Power, the One Presence is constantly giving of Itself. It is creative. It is expansive. It is ever evolving. It is everything seen and unseen. I know this power and presence as Love, Grace and Ease.
As I am a Divine idea in the mind of Spirit that created me, I know I am here on purpose. I know this same truth for everyone. I know all the qualities of God reside within me and within everyone and everything.
So today, I listen to the intuitive voice within me, Spirit within me, to know what mine is to do. I trust
Divine guidance to reveal my strength and my purpose. I am open to be the best version of myself.
Releasing any thoughts or behaviors that are counter to my highest good – to my knowing more Love,
Grace, and Ease in my life. I accept that change is a natural part of existence and I know my growth
leads to a greater capacity to show up as Love in this world. I am ready and willing! I use the Principles
of Science of Mind to eliminate any barriers I perceive as blocking my highest good. Love leads the way and the Law makes it possible.
I am deeply grateful to be empowered by Truth. I am grateful to the Law that always says yes.
I release my word into the Law knowing it is done. And so it is!