Affirmative Prayer Dec 25 – Dec 31, 2019

by Nancy Fischer, RScP

In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, complete. The
One Power, One Presence is all there is. It is love, peace, joy. Knowing that what is true of this Presence must be true for me, I see clearly that the truth of me must also be love, peace, and joy. During this holiday time, I remember who I am. I am the Presence of the
Infinite expressing in finite form. I am here to give God a good time this holiday season. It’s up to me how that looks and what my experiences are. But I know this much: I bring love, peace and joy to everything I do—and it is returned to me tenfold. I am grateful for the
joy, peace, and love that I feel and experience throughout this holiday. Releasing my word to the Law of Mind, I know it is so. And so it is.