Affirmative Prayer Dec 18 – Dec 24, 2019

by Rev Trish

In this unlimited Universe where I live, move and have my being, I recognize the Divine power and IntelIigence that works in and thru me for my highest good and I use it wisely, for what I think about, comes about.My life blossoms from a bud into a fully opened flower as I accept freely and clearly the dreams of my life that are real right here and now.
 My life is love, abundance, prosperity and perfect health.  I am whole and complete in this and every moment  that follows.  I open the doors of my heart and mind to receive these blessing. Today I walk into my future and soar to a higher place that I have ever been before…. I give thanks that I was shown the way and choose to walk this path. I say thank you God, I know I will always be in training but I am walking the walk. I have graduated!  And So It is.