Affirmative Prayer Dec 11 – Dec 17, 2019

by Ona Chambers, RScP

The Truth is that there is only One; one Life, one Universe one God, one Good.  And since there is only One, I must be a part of it too.  Imbued with all that good, I move, and breathe, and have my being in It’s Infinite Field of Possibility.So I declare that the truth of my being is goodness. To that end, I bring the Divine Presence into my awareness more and more often.  And I listen for it’s loving guidance  Then, I focus my mind on the good I desire, and release any contrary thoughts which would block it, resulting in a life filled with an abundance of growth and gifts, which are my birthright. I know I am in exactly the right place now, and that all is well.I am so grateful for this knowledge, and my improving ability to use it more effectively every day.I place my word into The Law which always responds to it, and know it is done to me as I believe. And so it is.