Feeling without words may have a meaning, but no direction; and meaning with out direction will produce no creation. Feeling, organized and directed, is intelligent creation.
– Ernest Holmes, Ideas of Power

Spirit is the creative process of the Universe, and dwells in and through all of creation. Every rock, tree, river and being is part of the infinite body that is God, and partakes of Its nature. God is infinite in its capacity to offer good in the world, and I am part of that good.

My heart swells with joy, knowing my word directs the good that God offers. Today, I focus on what excites and uplifts me. I feel the good that is present in all being, and I move toward that, claiming it as my own.

I turn away from anything that looks or feels like fear and open my life to greater and greater good in all its forms: health, vitality, abundance, love. No matter what good I imagine, God has the capacity to bring it forth.

Grateful that what I see in mind, what I speak into Law, becomes my experience,

I release all doubt, all sense of limitation or lack and open my self to the Greater Good that is God.

And so it is.

by Rev Linda Finley
August 19th, 2015