Affirmative Prayer Aug 7 – Aug 13, 2019

by: Nancy Fischer, RScP

In trying to make sense of the violence this past weekend, I come back to the truth that the Infinite is Love and It is Perfect Order. I know that everyone and everything is the Infinite in expression. No matter what this appears to be, I remind myself that Love is at work here.

There is Order in the face of seeming chaos. It’s not for my finite mind to know how this works—only that I believe and know that the Infinite has a greater idea than I, and It knows how to bring it about. I trust that the Intelligence that keeps the planets in their orbit and the sun shining to give us life, knows how this all somehow fits together for a greater good to emerge.

I am grateful for my trust and faith that all of this is somehow used to lift us to a higher and better way of living together in grace and peace.

Releasing this to Law, I know it is done.