Affirmative Prayer Aug 21 – 27, 2019

By Angela Alcantar, RScP

The Divine as creative urge expresses Itself through ALL creation. EVERYTHING, is an unique variation of Infinite Possibility.  By design, it creates from Itself and therefore it can never be against Itself.  It is at all points in space and time. Always available. Always present. 

It is the very essence of who I Am.  I am here because I am needed to help transmit this creative idea into manifest reality.  I am here because I have a unique contribution that only I can give.  As this is true for me, I know this truth for ALL creation!Any perception of “difference” is the splendor of the Divine, the creativity of the Divine ever expanding and enriching this experience called life.  Like a kaleidoscope, each piece, each One, is needed to create the Divine pattern. Remembering the Truth of Oneness–the Truth of Love–I shift from fear of differences to the Truth of Oneness. 

Any perception of difference, any perception of “other”, any sense of fear is now seen with the clarity of Love, interconnection, and wholeness. I embrace the variety of Life as the Divine expression it is!

In gratitude for this teaching that helps me remember the Truth of who and what I Am. 

I release my word into the Law knowing Divine Right Action. And so it is!