There is only One Mind, One Power and One Presence, at the heart of everything. When I see through the lens of this Truth, I notice that Life flows smoothly, without effort, to its own never-ending conclusions, in accordance with Natural Laws of the Universe. I unite with that One Presence and Power in order to bring my own life to its smoothest and most natural unfolding.

Today, I see through the lens of abiding Truth. I live in the present moment, guided by an inner presence. I discover what is mine to do now. My task is to seek guidance within; trust in the process; “be here now”; and feel good about doing what I am called to do. I am true to myself, and have faith in the Spirit that guides me.

I am grateful for the gift of Life Itself, for knowledge of Natural Law, for the Presence of Spirit within me.

With joyful expectancy, I release this prayer to do its perfect work for me and for all.

And, so it is.

by Toni Frazer, RScP
April 15th, 2015